Our videos on cybersecurity

Discover here a series of video presentations that show with the greatest objectivity aspects that are not well known or that could to be more in line with the modern organization. With the same enthusiasm and dedication with which they carry out their corporate assignments, they share their knowledge with the goal of helping organizations to evolve.
Identifying the strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and opportunities in cybersecurity is an art that IT security consultants at Lambda Consulting have mastered. With these videos, learn more about the basics of cyber security and the threats and risks facing organizations large and small today.

Our videos on organizational transformation

Do you want to embark on an organizational transformation, while maintaining a work environment conducive to collaboration and growth? Learn how to create an inspiring and stimulating environment that is essential to the success of your changes. It is essential to take individuals into consideration in order to accelerate the ownership process and to more quickly realize the desired benefits.

Our videos on IT Management

Today, organizations have no choice but to innovate and renew themselves in terms of technological solutions. In a climate characterized by frequent changes and where IT projects are carried out with methodologies that are specific to this field, the IT manager must constantly stay ahead of industry best practices. By sharing its advice, Lambda helps companies develop stronger skills and know-how internally.

Our videos on project management

The ease with which a company succeeds in combining its management requirements with the furtherance of its most promising projects is a good indicator of its organizational maturity. Our video presentations provide information on the most recognized project management methods and the infrastructures to be put in place within an organization to support such changes.
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