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Faced with information security issues, get the best cyber security tips

Cybersecurity is an important concern for any serious organization. As a computer security consulting firm, Lambda provides cybersecurity advice to companies that do not have the ability to benefit from a professional with this expertise in-house. With CISO coaching on demand, our professionals will help you set up a complete cyber security program adapted to the needs of your organization. Because each company faces different cyber security risks, a precise and customized approach is most effective.
We can also intervene specifically on certain priorities, according to your needs. Our consultants will help you strengthen your organization step by step by quickly correcting known weaknesses. We conduct audits of your current applications and environments to identify gaps and make recommendations that will allow you to set up a strategic action plan.
And what exactly does CISO mean? This acronym designates the Chief Information Security Officer of an organization or its French equivalent, le Responsable Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (RSSI). A crucial function in today’s environment, where a large amount of data must be protected, CISO helps reduce a company’s vulnerability.

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