Intrusion Testing
and Information Security

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Aiming for increased performance in cyber security

The security of information and systems is certainly a concern of great importance for your company. Specialized in intrusion testing and information security, our consultants have the expertise to verify that your systems are safe from intrusion by malicious individuals. Our cybersecurity consulting team masters state-of-the-art, industry-recognized techniques to identify your exploitable technology vulnerabilities.
Today, it is no longer enough to protect the sensitive data of your company, your customers and your stakeholders. Every serious organization needs to be proactive when it comes to cyber security. Lambda Consulting offers unbiased advice, sound recommendations and reassuring guidance throughout the audit process.
Our expert consultants carry out various intrusion tests. With their high-level expertise, they are able to test the vulnerability of your internal networks, your software applications, your Web services or your mobile applications. The identification of the various flaws in your systems will allow you to develop a realistic action plan to correct them. You will quickly be able to know the risks to which your organization is exposed and ensure the security of your information after our intrusion tests.

You want to determine if your systems can withstand information security intrusion tests?

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