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As a responsible company, it is certainly a priority for you to make IT security one of the key aspects of your business. Minimizing the risks associated with any form of malicious act or unintentional error that threatens the integrity of your systems and data is no small task. This is why the expert support of a cybersecurity consulting firm allows you to deploy integrated strategies that leave no room for improvisation. As a cyber security specialist, Lambda offers consulting services provided by impartial consultants whose primary concern is to help you make progress in terms of computer security.

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Our consultants will help you establish sound governance based on directives, policies and procedures designed to address cyber security within your company. To do so, they will assess your organization’s security posture and draw up findings on which to base their actions. By favouring a concrete approach in the field, they will carry out intrusion tests and supervise your resources in the deployment of best practices in terms of cybersecurity in your company. They will inventory the risks identified and make objective recommendations to develop cyber security strategies that accurately reflect the organization’s internal and external environment.

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