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The intelligence behind business technologies

Our cybersecurity company understands that organizations and their executives are locked into a reality that often surpasses the understanding of business technologies. In possession of sensitive and confidential information on their companies and clients, organizations are responsible for minimizing its vulnerability to adverse events, which are sometimes very costly in terms of productivity, reputation, or credibility and may have financial impacts that everyone wants to avoid.

Evolving in this highly complex environment, our cybersecurity company has developed a unique approach and tools perfectly adapted to market needs and today’s CYBERSECURITY concerns. Executives of SMEs, large companies, and governments are confronted with the need to manage the information they are safeguarding adequately and responsibly. 
In this cutting-edge sector, ours is the only cybersecurity company offering owners, administrators, and executives of all types of organizations simplified, enlightening, and necessary understanding to ensure the sound development of their business projects.

Beyond its ability to obtain the best understanding of issues related to CYBERSECURITY, our company provides its services thanks to the in-depth knowledge of our areas of expertise, the professionalism of our consultants, and the service approach and tools unique to Lambda.

As a cybersecurity company, our objective is to offer our clients a realistic vision of their security posture in order to inform and equip decision-makers so they can make enlightened and responsible business decisions.
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Simple questions may help you evaluate your security stance!

An in-depth analysis of your company

In order to obtain the best understanding of your security posture, our cybersecurity company will use evaluation tools integrated in a rigorous and unique process enabling the evaluation of needs through the categorization of information, security posture, the auditing of connected objects, the evaluation of strategic business components to protect, etc. 
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Your company is looking for a more effective IT security framework in Cybersecurity

Our consultants will help you establish sound governance based on directives, policies and procedures designed to address cybersecurity within your company. To do so, they will assess your organization’s security posture and draw up findings on which to base their actions. By favouring a concrete approach in the field, they will carry out intrusion tests and supervise your resources in the deployment of best practices in terms of cybersecurity in your company. They will inventory the risks identified and make objective recommendations to develop cybersecurity strategies that accurately reflect the organization’s internal and external environment.

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