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A consulting firm with a wealth of experience

Société conseil Lambda is a strategy consulting firm that has specialized in the field of information technologies since 1986. The services we offer are complete, innovative, and centered on the business needs of companies.

Our areas of expertise are business technologies, organizational transformation, project management as well as CYBERSECURITY. The reputation of our strategy consulting firm and the satisfaction of our clients hinge on the quality of our recommendations, in-depth knowledge of our areas of expertise, and the professionalism of our consultants.

Evolving in a very complex environment, our strategy consulting firm has developed a unique approach and tools perfectly adapted to market needs and the current concerns of businesses and their CYBERSECURITY managers.
In this field, ours is the only strategy consulting firm offering owners, administrators, and executives of all types of organizations simplified, enlightening, and necessary understanding to ensure the sound development of their business projects.

In possession of sensitive and confidential information, organizations are responsible for minimizing its vulnerability to adverse events, which may prove very costly in terms of productivity, reputation, and credibility, as well as financially.
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Our commitment

Our strategy consulting firm’s primary concern is always acting in the higher interest of our clients. Maintaining our position of impartiality and our status as an independent business, our entire approach and professional expertise allow us to support our clients with the intelligence behind business technologies.  

Our actions are based on straightforward and important values:

From our team to yours: in complete confidence

We work together with your teams and listen carefully to their needs. Within our consulting firm, we favour open and transparent dialogues that result in constructive solutions. We operate with respect for your situation and in the strictest confidentiality. This is possible through a trustful relation ship between your team and our strategy consulting firm.
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